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Nitetrax - Breakbeat Hardcore Vol. 1

London, 14.12.21

Nitetrax presents an exploratory range of club music every month, from classic and forgotten trax by the pioneers, to front line mutations by the innovators of today.


  • Urban Shakedown Feat. Micky Finn
    Some Justice
  • A Guy Called Gerald 
    28 Gun Bad Boy
  • Lennie De Ice 
    We Are I.E. (Original)
  • 2 Bad Mice 
    Ware Mouse
  • Genaside II feat. Killer Man Archer, Sharon Williams 
    Sirens Of Acre Lane
  • Acen 
    Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!)
  • The House Crew 
    The Theme
  • Manix 
    Special Request
  • Criminal Minds
    Baptised By Dub
  • Blame 
    Music Takes You (Original Version)
  • Dance Conspiracy 
    Dub War (Chapter 2)
  • Egyptian Empire 
    The Horn Track (Original Mix)
  • Ruff & Ready 
  • Nookie 
    Shining In Da Darkness
  • Nebula II 
    Peace Maker
  • Manix 
    You Held My Hand
  • Alk-E-D 
  • Future Primitive 
    Infect Me
  • Utomica 
    Rok A Bye
  • Mega City 2 Feat. DJ Reflex
    Dreamers Of Dreams
  • The House Crew (Nino mix) 
    Euphoria (Nino's Dream)
  • 2 Kilos ?