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Nkisi invites: Shapednoise

London, 19.02.20

With Shapednoise

Nkisi a.k.a Melika Ngombe Kolongo heads up a monthly late slot to rattle through dozens of tracks at breakneck speed, her mixes punctuated by African club beats and tinged by the jagged edges of gabber.


  • Nkisi
    Cosmic Power
  • Gescom 
  • Stenny 
    In A Distant Light
  • Phrenetic System III 
    Dark Symphony
  • Yung Liberaci Feat Nkisi
    Live At Cafe Oto
  • Guestmix
  • 100 Gecs 
    800db Cloud
  • Varg2
    I've Spent €3000 On A New Laptop, And This Is What It Sounds Like?
  • Loraine James
    Ramble In The Jungle (W/Matt Wrafter)
  • Le Dom 
    Side Quest
  • Kindohm 
    Meme Booth
  • Arobass 
    Am I Freak
  • Tommy Four Seven (SØS Gunver Ryberg mix) 
    Neuromorph (SØS Gunver Ryberg Remix)
  • Low Jack 
  • AAR
    Trans-Mongolian Railway
  • Rabit
    06 Cruel Intentions (The Dope Show)