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No Weapon Is Absolute w/ Cosmo Vitelli

Paris, 18.10.23

Cosmo Vitelli & DJ Sundae head up the monthly hour-long slot for No Weapon Is Absolute, direct from Paris…


  • Fantastic Twins 
    From Above
  • Plus Instruments 
    O Ja
  • Nadia Daou
    The Hanged Man
  • Moon Gear
    Apple Snake
  • Truus De Groot & Cosmo Vitelli
    Not On The Prairie
  • Fiesta En El Vacío 
  • Exotic Gardens
    Soundwaves And Dark Caves
  • Hermanos Guzanos 
    Dance Like A Geek
  • Miracle Johan
    9th Inning
  • Tonito Yama
    Natural Synthesis (Ft. Naomie Klaus & Lux18)
  • Simplists
    Wonderful Girl
  • Aroma Von Troisdorf
    Das Ozeall (Feat. Marla Bereska)
  • Nakion 
  • Conny Frischauf 
    Ton Tour
  • The Disciples
    Highest One
  • A Reminiscent Drive 
    There´s Always Somebody To Say You're Wrong!