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Minhwi Lee

Seoul, 01.04.24

With Minhwee Lee 이민휘

Sophisti-pop, 70s folk and more - "all time favorites" from the South Korean contemporary folk star.


  • 0:00:20
    The Jam 
    English Rose
  • 0:02:42
    Elliott Smith 
  • 0:05:30
    John Martyn 
    Solid Air
  • Jackson C. Frank 
    Milk And Honey
  • Pajo 
    Teenagers From Mars
  • 코코어 (Cocore)
    새벽 숲 AM 04_00 (Forest In The Morning AM 4 O’clock)
  • 윤영배 (Yoon Youngbae)
    어쩐지 먼 (Somehow Distant)
  • Ben Watt 
    Some Things Don’t Matter
  • Everything But The Girl 
    On My Mind
  • Marine Girls 
    Second Sight
  • 동물원 (Zoo)
    무전여행 (Penniless Journey)
  • Cody ChesnuTT 
    5 On A Joyride
  • Bonnie Beecher 
    Come Wander With Me
  • Sibylle Baier 
    The End
  • Talk Talk 
  • John Frusciante 
    Dying Song