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NTS X Carhartt WIP Radio Tour: Verona w/ Turbojazz, Healing Force Project & Rory Bowens

Verona, 17.06.16

With Healing Force Project

NTS embarks on the Carhartt Radio Tour in cities across Europe.


  • Flaming Tunes
    Breast Stroke Dub
  • The Detroit Experiment 
  • Stone Alliance 
  • Tye Tribbett & G.A. 
    Mighty Long Way
  • Umod 
    U Better Recognise
  • Theophilius London
    Enjoy The Sun
  • Gary Gritness
    Enjoy The Sun
  • Lucky Charmz 
    Latency Jam
  • Louie Lastic 
    Say Yes
  • Das Komplex 
  • IG Culture
    Feel The Spirit (Afro History Pt.2)
  • Felipe Gordon
  • Parker Madicine
    Master Carnival Into Space
  • OUER 
    Move Over
  • LMYE
    Call 76
  • Munk (Kai Alcé mix) 
    Hot Medusa (Kai Alce Dub)
  • Oneness Of Juju 
    River Luv Rite
  • Bill Lasewel
    Land Of Look Behind
  • African Head Charge 
    Dinosaurs Lament
  • Alpha Omega
    Things Getting Better
  • Herman Eberitzsech III Project
    Rapture Of The Deep
  • Hugh Masekela
    O Yah
  • Don Cherry 
    Moving Pictures For The Ear
  • Brand X 
    Why Should I Lend You Mine...
  • Batsumi 
  • Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan 
    Raga Bilashkani Todi
  • The Last Poets 
    Jones Comin Down
  • Gary Bartz NTU Troop 
    Bertha Baptist
  • Afro Funk 
    Farewell To Ibusa