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NYX Chariot

London, 26.09.16

NYX Chariot’s been here since the beginning: a blend of music and traditional storytelling, hosted by Federica Bardelli. NYX Chariot chooses some of the most esoteric music around, from 70s prog to folk rock and latest lo-fi pop, interspersed with tales by the most talented professional storytellers.


  • Only Fools Run By Themselves
    Tale Told By Nell Phoenix
  • Farhot
    Rolling On Remains
  • Stacey
    Build Me Up
  • In A She
    Wolf Skin - Tale Told By Nell Phoenix
  • Formulars Dance Band 
    Never Let Me Down
  • Phương Tâm
    Magical Night
  • La Familla
    All Night Long
  • The Body Of The Wolf
    Tale Told By Nell Phoenix
  • Michael Bundt 
    La Chasse Aux Microbes
  • Suzanne Doucet, Christian Buehner 
    Shiva's Dance
  • Do You Know How To Become A Werewolf?
    Tale Told By Nell Phoenix