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OKONKOLE Y TROMPA w/ PAM & DJ F16 Falcon - Jean-Luc Nest Special

Paris, 07.10.20

Jean-Luc Nest has been experimenting with sound synthesis since the late 1970's. He has been pioneering digital synthesizers, as one of the sound designers for Wolfgang Palm's PPG Plugins, while contributing in a very unique way to Accordion-based music. DJ F16 Falcon gives us a peep into this elusive French New Age composer's extensive body of work in the second hour of the show.


  • Opéra Minimal
  • Darline Victor 
    Positive Attraction
  • Döktor Phÿl
    Don’t Touch The Seal (Dédié à Greenpeace)
  • ESG 
  • Dollkraut 
    The Stars And You
  • Model 500 
    Milky Way
  • CC Not 
    [303 IMUX]
  • The Undisputed Truth 
    Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World) / Friendship Train
  • Tarika Blue 
  • John Coltrane 
  • Tony Williams 
  • Lyle Mays
    Street Dreams (4th Movement)
  • Jean-Luc Nest
    Exploring With Reeds
  • Jean-Luc Nest, Jean-Michel Collet
  • Jean-Luc Nest
    Singing Objects
  • Jean-Luc Nest
    Petit Jardin Sonore
  • Jean-Luc Nest
  • Jean-Luc Nest
    Secret T 19
  • Jean-Luc Nest
  • Jean-Luc Nest
    Plucked Strings And Reeds 922020
  • Jean-Luc Nest Et Jean-Michel Collet
    Impressions Partie 1-2
  • Jean-Luc Nest
    Short But Brief
  • Jean-Luc Nest
    Dancing 5
  • Jean-Luc Nest
    Eygluy 2018