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Yurt Rock w/ Sidhartta Talukdar

Berlin, 06.08.23

Sidhartta Talukdar is a sound artist and descendent of the Chakmas, a Tibeto-Burmese semi-nomadic indigenous tribe in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. This mix is a journey through the borderless, soundtracked entirely by music from nomadic peoples of the world.

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    Tri Sestri
  • Tarason Sakaliau, Salomo Sakaliau, & Teu Lalag Ogok Sabaggalet
    Urai Turuk Bilou [Mentawi]
  • Va Yang Li
    Queej [Whute Hmong]
  • Kupangu 
    Song By Kupangu
  • Peter Creek And Furry Short
    Bora (Initiation Song) [Umpila]
  • Reun Loo
    Chuluba [Akha]
  • Kaigal-ool Khovalyg 
    Fantasy On The Igil
  • Mathis N. Haetta 
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  • Edil Huseinov 
    Jew's Harp Melody
  • Kelek Kumaqay-olu 
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  • Napache Etidloie Toonoo, Qaunak Martha Meekeega, Lusi Kuni, Soria Eyituk
    Melodic Katajjait [Inuit]
  • Aggeok Pitseolak
    Illukitaaruti (Juggling Song) From Baffin Land [Inuit]
  • Tanya Tagaq
    Tongues [Inuit]
  • Joe Rainey 
    Phil's Offering (Edit)
  • Mabutawi-Teri
    Wayamou Duo Exchange [Yanomami]
  • Anonymous
    Whale Chant [Selk'ham]