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OnoTesla w/ Stuart Bradshaw - Walking Home

Manchester, 06.12.20

Stuart Bradshaw walking home.

"Made in collaboration, his show is a culmination of hundreds of emails and heaps of paper communication as well as many many compilation cd albums. Made by Stuart with handpainted covers. His image, his voice, his favourite tracks were all slotted together in a comfortable fashion, heated by wood in a small ish Latvian house in Atgāzene Rīga. The CDs came by post from Hull, in the old school physical way of music sharing, containing songs we both know and love.

Stuart has been my friend of 17 aroundabout years, we kept in contact, sometimes sporadically and sometimes intensely over the years, so this mix I think only uses one track from the first mixtape he made for me In 2004. Soon come, on Bread. From the heart 100%.

Photo of his studio by Stuart, by himself. Walking home (as the busses were cancelled). But obviously he still needed to go to paint, and to think along the way."