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OnoTesla - Village of Sonic Enigmas w/ John Grzinich

Manchester, 08.11.20

Village of Sonic Enigmas Compiled by John Grzinich

"From 2000-2019 my wife Evelyn and I ran a cultural centre and international artist residency programme called MoKS. The centre was located in a rural village in southeast Estonian village of Mooste. Due to my interest in sound based artistic practices and musical experimentation, MoKS had a rich and varied sonic history that included many projects, workshops and concert events by visiting artists. Presented here is a smattering of fragments from these activities, including soundscape recordings from the village itself to feed the environmental and cultural context. This is by no means a comprehensive survey and in fact represents only a mere drop in the celestial ocean of activity that happened over the years. But I hope this mix gives some sense for the listener, of how we helped infuse the most unlikely sonic creations into this offbeat corner of the globe, thanks to the spirit of many wonderful artists."

John Grzinich has worked since the early 1990s as a freelance artist with various practices combining sound, moving image, site-specificity, and collaborative social structures. He has lived in Estonia since 2003 and apart from his personal artistic practice, teaches and coordinates activities for the artist-run organisation MoKS.


  • Rie Nakajima
    Folk Song (Excerpt Of Mobile Phone Recording)
  • Tarab
    Shards Of Splinters, Fragments Of Scratches/Killustiku Killud, Kriimude Killud (Excerpt)
  • Yannick Dauby, Wan-Shuen Tsai, John Grzinich
    “Cactus” Water Tower Improvisation (Excerpt)
  • Grigori Lotman
    Surprise Performance At ‘Honey For The Ears 2010’
  • Hitoshi Kojo
  • Hydrophone Recording By John Grzinich
    Mooste Lake
  • Seto Folk Singers
    Field Recording By Udo Noll
  • Seth Neil And John Grzinich
  • Kago (With Mari Kalkun)
    Live At ‘Honey For The Ears 2009’
  • Field Recording By John Grzinich
    Yakisugi Fire Installation
  • Field Recording By John Grzinich
    Swallows And Tractor
  • Antireality
    Transpersonal Spring (Excerpt)
  • Field Recording By John Grzinich
    Non-Grata Performance
  • Tartu Ici-Mmeme
    City Sounds Concerts
  • Michael Northam, Loren Chasse, Hotoshi Kojo, John Grzinich
    Suviflux (Live Performance At Sõmerpalu Manor)
  • Jez Riley French
    Estonian Strings (Excerpt)
  • Tuulikki Bartosik
    Forest Improvisation (Excerpt)
  • Recording By John Grzinich
    Grisha (2004-2016 RIP)
  • Anna Fält
    Vallpiga, Part 2
  • Evelyn And John Grzinich
    Sonic Scratch Cycles (Binaural Recording)
  • Field Recording By John Grzinich
    Frog Pond (Ranna Lessonae)
  • Participants Of The Mutopia 3 Workshop
    MUD (The Affordable Animal)
  • Natalia Borisova
    Organic Battery Synthesis Workshop Sounds
  • Tomutonttu
    Live At ‘Honey For The Ears 2010’
  • John Grzinich Participants Of ‘Crisis Klima’ Led By Mike Hentz
    Group Improvisation With ‘Roof Tile Gamelan Installation'
  • John Grzinich
    Moksville Wind Harp Installation
  • Interview W/ Phill Niblock
    Live At PostsovkhoZ ’Sound Mill’
  • Participants Of The ‘’ Workshop By Mads Bech Paluziewski
    ’Shed Jam’
  • John Grzinich
    Second Portal
  • Lau Nau
    Live At ‘Honey For The Ears 2009’
  • Kuupuu
    Live At ‘Honey For The Ears 2009’
  • Simon Whetham 
  • Performed By Mooste School Students Conducted By Andrus Kallastu
  • Led By Members Of Baba Zula Along With The Other Artists And The Audience
    Post Concert Jam