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Paradise Bangkok w/ Chris Menist & Sarathy Korwar

London, 31.05.20

With Sarathy Korwar

In this month's Paradise Bangkok - Chris Menist looks at the personal musical influences behind his Awkward Corners project, and is live in session with percussionist Sarathy Korwar


  • Adjis Sutan Sati
    Bandah Sapuluah
  • Arthur Russell 
    She's The Star / I Take This Time
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma 
    Dancers At The Spring
  • Bimbo Pop Sunda
    La Laki
  • مهرپویا 
    [Unknown Title]
  • Peter Zummo 
    Song II: Right; Off The Beat
  • Moondog 
  • The Spies 
    All Full of Crap
  • Rival Consoles 
  • Awkward Corners 
    Pressure Drop
  • Melody Cinta
    Dibulan Purnama
  • Sarathy Korwar & Chris Menist
    Live In Session (NTS Exclusive)