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Osaka, 03.09.21

With Phew

Monthly appearances from the cult Tokyo avant garde hero - venturing through noise, experimental productions, analogue synth explorations & more.


  • Faust 
  • Group Ongaku
    Music Of Group Ongaku
  • Sony Sharrock
    Blind Willie
  • Timothy Leary
    Tune On,Tune In,Drop Out
  • Can 
  • The Units (Scott Ryser mix) 
    Warm Moving Bodies (Tex Mix)
  • Tuxedomoon 
    Where Interests Lie
  • Nagisa Ni Te 
    The True Sun
  • Rocky Erickson 
    We Are Never Talking
  • Material 
  • Friction
    Senaka No Code
  • Oshiripenpenz
    Zenin Tenkosei
  • Dome 
    Cruel When Complete
  • Dowser
    Pavilion Rock
  • Bruce Gilbert 
    Work For >Do You Me? I Did< (3)
  • Rashinban 
    Eien No Uta