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Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction

Berlin, 29.11.20

Given all life leads to jazz we might as well take the scenic route. An uncanny hour of words and music from producer Phil Smith. Carefully formulated but never formulaic, an inclusive hour of the straight-ahead and the experimental.


  • Marc Schmolling
    Twas Brillig
  • Yosa Peit 
  • Phil Smith
    Park House Suite, I. Harmonium
  • Phil Smith
    Park House Suite, II. Owen’s Drum Kit
  • Marc Schmolling
    One Eye Awake
  • Harold Budd 
    Madrigals Of The Rose Angel
  • Into The Wind
    Time Is Like A Canvas
  • Rameses III 
    Across The Lake Is Where My Heart Shines
  • Antony, Bryce Dessner 
    I Was Young When I Left Home
  • Marc Schmolling
    White Silence
  • Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins
    Mother Canoe
  • Stars Of The Lid 
    Ballad Of Distances
  • Marc Schmolling
    Twas Brillig
  • Jake Xerxes Fussell 
    Have You Ever Seen Peaches Growing On A Sweet Potato Vine?
  • Fabiana Striffler
    Drawing But One Sound (Feat. Paul Santner)