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Kiss Cafe w/ Piper Durabo

Los Angeles, 28.04.20

Piper Durabo AKA Maraschino serves up an assortment of hyperdelic jams from the L.A. studio


  • Café Olé 
  • Silvia 
    Me Vas Cantidad
  • Iria 
    Ginpa~Silver Wave~
  • Adam Oko 
    Diet Of Germs
  • Leon Lowman 
    Morning Song
  • Hamid El Shaari
  • Witch 
    Let's Get Together
  • Leland
    I’ve Got Some Happiness
  • Frederic Castel 
    Open Up
  • Konrad 
    Working Man
  • Ed N. Sted 
    Under Consideration
  • Tommy Mandel
    Ain’t Got No Money
  • 難波弘之 
    Tropical Exposition
  • Baffo Banfi 
    Quelle Dolce Estate Sul Pianeta Venere