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The Numero Group - My Life's Alright

Chicago, 19.08.21

Chicago-based archival record label, The Numero Group, host a deep-digging once a month show. Expect comprehensive round ups from their crates, picking out the best old music and reissues, as well as some jubilant nerdy record chat.


  • Shira Small
    My Life’s Alright
  • Alan Dunham
    Shameful Thing
  • Kevin Vicalvi
    Lover Now Alone (Demo)
  • Caroline Peyton 
  • Lindisfarne 
    Winter Song
  • 60,000,000 Buffalo 
    Canyon Persuasion
  • Meic Stevens 
    Left Over Time
  • Andwella
    Saint Bartholomew
  • Willie Wright 
    In The Beauty Of The Night
  • Alan Munson 
    Good Morning World
  • John Cale 
    Hanky Panky Nohow
  • Bert Keely 
  • Tia Blake
    Plastic Jesus
  • Alan Dunham 
    Little Sparrow
  • Patti Whipp, The Infinite Blue 
    It's Gone
  • Jim Spencer
    Born To Be In Love With You
  • Ted Lucas
    I’ll Find A Way (To Carry It All)
  • Trey Gruber 
    Last July
  • Charles Brown
    On The Corner
  • Peter Winnipeg
    Final Thoughts