Radio Jiro

London, 27.05.19

Radio Jiro is the two hour show of artist Jiro Bevis, every 4 weeks, Monday 2-4pm. The show features a wide variety of sounds from across the globe with previous specials covering themes such as Meditation, Italian, UK punk, Japanese Techno-Pop, Library and French.


  • MATstudio
    The Perishable Imagination
  • Mc Gee
    Now That I Have You
  • Apiento
    Things You Do For Love
  • Bobvan
  • Eddy La Viny
    Havan' Hamac
  • Sweet Control Featuring Georgie Ô
    Lighter Than The Wind (Wind Mix)
  • Haruomi Hosono ( Something Wonderful mix )
    Arabic 1 (Cave Of Life Mix)
  • Bobvan
    The Village
  • Maya
    Lait De Coco (Instrumental)
  • Panama Cut
    Dancing Girl
  • Wolf Müller Meets The Nile Project
    Mabomba Dance (Long Version)
  • The One "O" One's
    Radio Cosmo 101
  • The Clean - Hands Group
    Shake It On
  • Adolf Stern
    More... I Like It
  • The C.V.Q. Band
    Whatever You Do (Versione Instrumental)
  • Sandy Marton
    White Storm In The Jungle (Suite)
  • Quando Quango ( Mark Kamins mix )
    Atom Rock (Mark Kamins New York Remix)
  • True Underground Sound Of Rome
    Secret Doctrine (Feat. Stefano Di Carlo)
  • Becker & Mukai
    Eyes (Remix)
  • V.O.
    Mashisa (Dub Mix)
  • Criaki, Krikorian
    Vacances Au Bord De L' Amour (Instrumental)
  • Joe Tossini And Friends
    Lady Of Mine

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