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Rap Vacation w/ Miko Revereza

Los Angeles, 20.02.20

Label head Michael Lundy explores Rap Vacation’s experimental influences, with guests and exclusive cuts from the thriving LA beat scene.


  • No Data Plan
    Shipping Containers
  • Four Tet 
    You Were There With Me
  • Lingayen
    Gulf Shore
  • Tsege Mariam Gebru
    The Homeless Wanderer
  • Under The 5 Overpass
    Overpass On Fletcher
  • Yo La Tengo 
    Nowhere Near
  • No Data Plan
    Chicago Union Station
  • Blue Gas 
    Shadows From Nowhere
  • Casa Blanca
    Exit Visa
  • Jeanette 
    El Muchacho de Los Ojos Tristes
  • Enno Velthuys 
    A Flock Of Seagulls
  • No Data Plan
    VO Recalling A Dream Of Landing In Manila
  • Miho Hatori 
    Walking City
  • Unqiue