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Rhythm Connection

London, 11.11.21

A fortnightly journey into H.O.U.S.E. hosted by Dan Beaumont & Nadia Ksaiba featuring interviews & mixes from super special guests. Expect two hours of old bangers and upfront pumpers.


  • Anthony Naples 
  • Thomas Barnett
    Cherry Flavoured
  • Bakongo 
    Level Cowbell
  • Alan Dixon
    Machina Jam
  • Dj Steve (Luca Lozano mix) 
    Vandal Eyes (Luca Lozano remix)
  • Jordan Nocturne
    Hands Up (Club Mix)
  • Dego 
    "Stained With The Tears On Their Faces"
  • Demuja feat. Lorenz Rhode 
    Love Somebody Else
  • Cressida 
  • Charlotte Adigry & Bolid Pupul
  • Mr. Ho
    Bail-E (Real Mix)
  • Soul Of Hex 
    Say It Again
  • Santiago Salazar 
    Mama Paz
  • Josh Caffe 
    According To Jaqueline
  • Parallel 9 
  • Pluto 
    Anna 3
  • Chrissy
    The Map Point
  • Universal Cave
    Angst (Edit)
  • SGH 
    Losing You (Dub Mix)
  • Eris Drew 
    A Howling Wind