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Rhythm Connection

London, 30.04.20

A fortnightly journey into H.O.U.S.E. hosted by Dan Beaumont & Nadia Ksaiba featuring interviews & mixes from super special guests. Expect two hours of old bangers and upfront pumpers.


  • K15 
  • Kenlou 
  • Spencer Parker
    Babeh Babeh Babeh Babeh (Work Them)
  • Derrick Carter 
    Talkin To Harvey
  • Andre Harris 
    That's My Man
  • Princess Di 
    Who's Dick Is This? (Instrum Beat Mix)
  • Mike Huckaby
    Bassline 89 (SYNTH)
  • Makam 
    What Ya Doin'
  • KEARL 
    New Visions
  • Lord Of The Isles Feat. Ellen Renton
    Passing (Whities)
  • De'Lacy 
    Hideaway (Original Blaze Klubhead Hideout Mix)
  • Chicken Lips 
  • Buscrates
    F.T.F. (Freak The Funk) (Buscrates Rework) (Razor And Tape)
  • Sharif Laffrey 
    Key Jam A.C.I.D
  • Movin' Still
    Ah Stop
  • Flamingo Pier 
    Tell Me How
  • IchiSan 
    Mače Moje
  • Uknown
    All Thaid Up (Daniel T Edit) (Razor & Tape)
  • B2
    Keita Sano
  • Dinky 
  • S3A 
    Second Hit