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Roadkill Ikebana w/ Gentle Stranger

London, 01.08.23

Textured, grubby sounds and luscious melodies selected by Annabelle Mödlinger, artist and member of The Umlauts.


  • Captain Maurice Seddon 
    Dutch TV Boy And The Sword
  • The Fall 
    Octo Realm / Ketamine Sun
  • Anne Gillis 
    Lxgrin (1984)
  • Tiny Tim 
    The Other Side
  • Anthony Braxton 
    Piece Three
  • Slossy
  • Gentle Stranger
    Order Up
  • Die Tdliche Doris
    Stimmel Mir
  • Mik Quantius 
  • Holger Czukay 
    Ode To Perfume
  • Klein 
    Cry Theme
  • White Noise 
    Here Come The Fleas
  • Adam Bohman
    Montagu The Toothbrush
  • Charles Dodge
    A Man Sitting In The Cafeteria
  • Vic Reeves 
    I Remember Punk Rock
  • Art Ensemble Of Chicago 
    A Jackson In Your House
  • Shooby Taylor
    Life Ev’ry Voice And Sing
  • Mosquito Farm
    Everything On
  • Territorial Gobbing 
    Tooth Orb
  • Historically Fucked 
    Donkeys Subjected To Indignity
  • Donna Candy 
  • Baby Dee
    You’ll Find Your Footing
  • Krusty The Clown
    Send In The Clowns
  • Gentle Stranger
    Last Row Sown