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Sacred Pools w/ Toshiki Ohta

London, 30.07.20

With October

Toshiki Ohta is now a co-host on NTS’s Sacred Pools show alongside DJ October and Faso. Toshiki is known for mixing between textures, genres, tempos and styles, underground and overground, with a love for pitched down jungle, pitched up breakbeat rave, EBM, dark balearic and acid rollers.


  • Clint Mansell 
    Waves Crashing On Distant Shores Of Time
  • KLF
    Build A Fire
  • HAAi 
    Rotating In Unison
  • Vasco Martins 
    Universo Da Ilha I
  • David Holmes (Andrew Weatherall mix) 
    I Heard Wonders! (Weatherall Mix!)
  • Osamu Sato 
    Daisy Drum
  • Ludwig A.F. 
  • Cocteau Twins 
  • Omni Trio 
    Soul Of Darkness
  • Rudolf Abranov
    King Kong
  • Paul Blackford
    EDMX’s Paul Blackford Mastermix
  • Alex Reece 
    Feel The Sunshine (Original Mix)
  • Quality Dope Tracks 
    Dream World
  • India Jordan
    Westbourne Avenue
  • Pépe 
    Palinka Hammer
  • DJ Shadow 
    You Can't Go Home Again (Radio Edit)
  • Naco
  • Lip Critic
    Piece By Piece (October’s Remix)
  • Scorpio
    Li Li
  • Zaliva-D 
    Human Addict
  • 88.3 Feat Lisa May
    Wishing On A Star (Urban Shakedown Dub)
  • EOD 
  • Detroit’s Filthiest
    Clap Back
  • Hugo Massien 
    Divisions From The Start
  • Omni Trio 
    Alien Creed
  • Hugo Massien 
    Divisions From The Start
  • Megabeat 
    Fuego (Bassline)
  • Lighght 
    Lighght - Passion Peace (Morwell remix)
  • Daniel Avery 
    Infinite Future