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Sacred Pools w/ DJ October

Bristol, 09.04.20

With October

DJ October is perhaps mainly known for his off-kilter work in the fields of house and techno, but can be heard on NTS showcasing a fine selection of records for the Sacred Pools show - harshly metallic noise rock, unhinged post-punk, early industrial and chillingly minimal synth records. No holds barred.

Photo credit: Laiani Rose-Haken


  • Universal Dark Credit Throne
  • Mudhoney 
    Touch Me I'm Sick
  • Metallica 
    Ride The Lightning
  • Darkthrone 
    In The Shadow Of The Horns
  • Morbid Angel 
  • Swans
    Like A Drug (She La La)
  • Bolt Thrower 
  • Sibylle Baier 
    The End
  • Bathory 
    Revelation Of Doom
  • Bonnie Beecher 
    Come Wander With Me
  • Exotica Melting
    Exotic Melt
  • Al Bowlly, Ray Noble 
    Midnight, The Stars And You
  • The Inkspots 
    We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)
  • Chet Baker 
    I Fall In Love Too Easily
  • Skeeter Davis 
    The End Of The World
  • The Fascinations 
    I Can't Stay Away From You
  • Virna Lindt 
    The Dossier On Virna Lindt
  • Tiffany Anders, Boyd Rice 
    Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
  • Duane Eddy (Feat. Lee Hazlewood
    The Girl On Death Row
  • Townes Van Zandt 
    Waitin' Round To Die
  • Eddie Noack 
  • Johnny Paycheck
    Pardon Me (I’ve Got Someone To Kill)
  • Steve King 
    Satan Is Her Name
  • Sanford Clark
    It Means Nothin’ To Me
  • Ernest Tubb 
    Saturday Satan Sunday Saint
  • Meiko Kaji
  • Doji Morito
  • Ghayal
    Ghayal (October Edit)
  • Bappi Lahiri 
    Mausam Hai Gane Ka
  • Rekha Jeetendra
    Au Mein Gulbada (October Edit)
  • Qurbani
    Laila O Laila (October Edit)
  • Earthling 
    You Go On Natural
  • 茶木みやこ 
    幻の人 = Maboroshi No Hito
  • Qurbani
    Aap Jasai Koi (October Edit)
  • Les Rallizes Denudes 
    Night Of The Assassins
  • Tomoko Aran 
    Midnight Pretenders
  • Anri 
    Last Summer Whisper