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Le Jardin w/ Sarah Davachi

Los Angeles, 11.04.22

With Sarah Davachi

Sarah Davachi serenades the LA airwaves once a month with Le Jardin - an amalgamation of Prog, Kraut, & Minimal Sympathetic Sounds..

Image Credit: Album Cover - Julian Bream - Lute Music of John Dowland.


  • John Dowland 
    Farewell Fancy
  • Rainman 
    Get You To Come Through
  • Scott Walker 
  • Anonymous
    Puisque Bele Dame
  • Anonymous
    In Seculum D'Amiens
  • Popol Vuh 
    Behold, The Drover Summonds
  • Pharoah Sanders 
  • Sparks 
    Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
  • Neu! 
    Lieber Honig
  • Michele 
    Misty Mirage
  • Daniel Viglietti
    Milonga De Andrar Lejos (Song Of Going Far)
  • Anonymous
    Japan: Two Songs
  • Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
    Thought Withdrawal Stage 2