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Self and Other: Sleep Patterns

Bristol, 29.10.22

"The miracle: a window of time that had not previously existed. a slight pause between pain and reaction. the window is slim, no more than fifteen seconds, but in that crucial gap something can shift, and the hemispheres can spend a moment in conversation. I can move between meat and story. what I feel versus what I want. then, I decide. a lot of the time, I still decide to go to sleep." Elvia Wilk, Death by Landscape, 2022.

Image credit: San Diego Historical Society


  • Mike Leigh
    Nuts In May
  • Isnaj Dui 
    Circle Of Sleep
  • Harry Reddick And Robbie Warin
    A Conversation About Sleep (Excerpts Throughout)
  • Robbie Warin
    Lorn Talks Downstairs
  • Belan 
    Belan 2
  • Radio Aporee
  • Michel Foucault
    Interview 1981
  • Crescent 
  • British Library Sound Archive
    Anne Buchanan Crosby Interview
  • Charlemagne Palestine 
    Bösendorfer + Voice Take One
  • Irena a Vojtěch Havlovi 
    Ledová Krůpěj Medová / Frosting Bead Of Honey
  • Richard Powers
    Overstory (Excerpt Read By Robbie Warin)
  • Artless
    Goth Kids At The Mall (K Cidder Thinkimgettingsick Edit)
  • Harry Reddick
    Matchstick Points
  • Dion McGregor
    The Dream World Of Dion McGregor (Excerpts)
  • British Library Sound Archive
    Binaural Recording
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    Elk Call
  • Harry Reddick
    Awoken By A Storm
  • Jolanda Moletta 
    Spell II: Daydream and Nightbloom
  • Apichatpong Weerasathakul
    Memoria (Excerpt)
  • Cosima Pitz
  • Samuel Organ