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Live From Shanghai: China Social Club

Shanghai, 24.01.21

An extended 2 hour mix of ambient odes and skittering drum tracks from CSC’s Frau.


  • Opik 
    Travelling Without Moving
  • B’Zircon
    Azure X Ultramarine (Perko Remix)
  • Motion Ward
    Trizlang Gem Ft. Ulla
  • Mammo 
  • Princess Diana Of Wales 
  • John Beltram
    Water Colored Dreams
  • Marco Genetic
    The Reprise
  • Dorisburg 
    Here, Take My Card
  • Ulla 
    Feeling Remembering
  • Nadia Khan 
    Port Ana
  • Alcove 
    Question Of Trust
  • Constants Of Nature 
    Slow Symmetry Breaking
  • Ametsub 
    From The Mountain
  • Citizen Maze 
    Northern Angelique
  • Paul van Dyk 
  • Heights Of Abraham 
    The Cleric
  • Dubtribe 
    Sunshine's Theme (Sunshine's Remix)
  • Ssiege 
    Sogno In Bb
  • Ryu & Syusaku
    Tecno Shoppe
  • LOIF
    Active Mind
  • Xyla 
  • Boo Boo & Mace! 
  • Proem (Tim Koch mix) 
    Earlyrings (Tim Koch's Late Night Pickup Window Remix)
  • Oak (ASC mix) 
    Otaku (ASC Remix)
  • Mat Carter 
    Roll-Out To...
  • Huerta 
    Buzz Off Like
  • Unknown Artist 001
    In Cadence (A1)
  • Sinoesin 
    Angels Of Altitude (Part 2)
  • Lloop
  • Konduku 
  • Josef Gaard 
    Ubu Dub
  • Otik 
    Neuron Blossom
  • Synkro 
    Empty Walls