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Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay

Los Angeles, 04.06.19

With Silent Servant

Leftfield techno flag-bearer Silent Servant, who heads up the Jealous God label with Regis and James Ruskin, holds down a monthly 2 hour session from NTS' studio in Los Angeles.


  • German Army 
    Dessalines - Christophe - Backwards Habit
  • Maximum Joy 
    Silent Street
  • Scientist 
    Night Of The Living Dead
  • African Head Charge
    Dinasaours Lament
  • Coldgeist 
  • Eric Random 
    Skin Deep
  • EVA 
    The Gitter
  • 23 Skidoo 
    Last Words
  • Sir Freddy Viaduct
    Let Me Out
  • Krikor
    No More GDM
  • TV Kills
    The Third Attempt
  • Philadelphia Five 
    Not Leaving Without Jerry
  • Zeit Echo
    Psychotronischer Irrenananstalt Mick Wills Edit
  • Dave Angel (Carl Craig mix) 
    Airborne (Carl Craig's Drums Suck Mix)
  • I.M.S. 
    An English '93
  • Jordan Zawideh 
    Trails Of Sophia
  • Elecktroids 
    Midnight Drive
  • Severed Heads 
    Hot With Fleas (Extended)
  • Telex 
    Raised By Snakes
  • Tanzkonsol
  • TV.OUT 
    Safe House
  • Signal Aout 42 
    Pleasure And Crime
  • Broken English Club 
    Domestic Animals
  • Jamie Bissmire 
    The Old Straight Track
  • Marc Ash 
    Beirut Calling
  • Sleeparchice
  • Morah
    Glass Half Full
  • Cardinal & Nun 
  • Daniel Holt 
    Demonic City
  • Chrome 
    The Manifestation (Of The Idea)