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Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay

Los Angeles, 28.04.17

With Silent Servant

Silent Servant is the primary pseudonym of California electronic artist Juan Mendez, who produces techno with a heavy post-punk/industrial influence. He first began releasing material as Silent Servant during the mid-2000s, when he was a key member of the influential techno collective Sandwell District. Following numerous well-received underground singles, he made a major impact on the techno world with Negative Fascination, his acclaimed 2012 full-length debut. Following Mendez's co-founding of the Jealous God label in 2013, as well as several singles and collaborations with the likes of Marcel Dettmann and Phase Fatale, Silent Servant released his second album, the more overtly EBM-influenced Shadows of Death and Desire, in 2018. 2023 sees Mendez continuing to Play the US and Europe, New releases On L.I.E.S., Tresor and maintaining his sixth year of the Optimistic Decay radio show on NTS.


  • Hypoxia
    Le Oublie
  • John Carpenter 
    Assault On Precinct 13
  • Vazz 
    Endless Road
  • Din 
  • Karl O’Connor
    A Man Has Responsibilities
  • The 39 Clocks 
    Psycho Beat
  • Stacato Du Mal
    El Mago En Ti
  • Rene Hell 
    Quiet Detail Muse
  • Din A Test Bulid 3
    The Person (Part 1)
  • Glochids 
  • Der Blaue Reiter 
    Through Glasses
  • Sudeten Creche 
    Are Kisses Out Of Fashion?
  • Din A Test Build
    West / Berlin Tegal Airport
  • Silent Servant 
  • Delia Derybshire
    Frontier Of Knowledge
  • Drexciya 
    Aqua Worm Hole
  • Electrognome
    No Land Scape A1
  • Signal Aout 42 
    Pleasure And Crime
  • Parade Ground 
    Gold Rush
  • A Guy Called Gerald 
    Blow Your House Down
  • KSTS 
    Bianca Likes Boogie Bondage
  • Broken English Club 
  • Alessandro Adriani 
    One Minute (After Death)
  • Severed Heads 
    Hot With Fleas
  • Tiger Mask 
    Zero Gravity
  • Malte Tinnus
  • Broccoli Brothers Vs. Righteous Men
    Ruhrschnellweg (Last Exit Stahlhausen Mix)
  • Stewart Walker 
    10 Years Of Anger
  • The Vision 
    Detroit: One Circle
  • Vainqueur 
    Reduce 1
  • Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia 
    War Chant (Marcel Dettmann Edit)
  • Kraftwerk 
    Electric Cafe