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Silvia Kastel

London, 16.07.19

With Silvia Kastel

Italian DJ, producer & Blackest Ever Black affiliate Silvia Kastel transmits an array of fringe electronics & contemporary club sounds every month.


  • Seth Graham Featuring More Eaze
    Pierre Ruby
  • Mica Levi, Oliver Coates 
    Dolphins Climb Onto Shore For The First Time
  • Geinou Yamashirogumi
    Falling As Flowers Do / Dying A Glorious Death
  • Félicia Atkinson 
    Linguistics Of Atoms
  • Patty Waters 
    Why Can't I Come To You
  • Patty Waters 
    You Loved Me
  • Kara-Lis Coverdale 
    Imgs /R
  • Chino Amobi Ft. Embaci
    Hard Staccato
  • Gil 
  • Debit Feat. Zutzut
    Anamnesis (César Ch. 'Only Time' Bootleg)
  • Robert Lippok 
  • Haruomi Hosono 
    Sea Of Tau
  • Avbvrn
    Slow Ball
  • Swan Meat, Yoshitaka Hikawa 
    Casual Surgical Slang
  • Via App 
    String Of Disappearances
  • Jap Kasai
    うれうれ Ure Ure
  • Georgia 
    A Habitual Sway