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Silvia Kastel & Neo Geodesia

London, 05.10.21

With Silvia Kastel, Neo Geodesia

Neo Geodesia is the alias of Saphy Vong, who also runs the Chinabot label. In his words: "I've been working full time helping Afghan refugees and this mix was inspired by the current events because the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan is really similar to the 1975 exit from Cambodia that left the country in the Khmer Rouge. The artwork is the first registration of my family in Europe as political refugees, my dad, my mother, my sister and myself as a baby."


  • Howie Lee feat. Yehaiyahan 
    光阴向太阳 (Time To The Sun)
  • Proc Fiskal 
    Anti Chessst
  • Neo Geodesia 
    Decarcassed by 2562 Neon Flames
  • Yikii
  • Church Andrews & Matt Davies
  • Lyra Pramuk (Vessel Remix)
    Fountain (Ars Amatoria)
  • Paraiso Infernal
  • Rodolfo Caesar 
    Volta Redonda (1992)
  • Dead For A Minute 
  • Meng Keo Pichenda
  • Olyvetty 
    Points On A Line
  • Carl Didur 
    A Ballad
  • Mutwawa 
    Highway Fallujah
  • រស់ សេរីសុទ្ធា
  • Orchid 
    Impersonating Martin Rev
  • Pal Hwang Dan
    Beyond The Stars 별들 너머 (Feat.Tearfarm)
  • Neo Geodesia 
    Seven Seas Sanctuary