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S K Y A P N E A w/ Steve Roden

Broken club, dubbed out sounds, experimental electronics and atonal drifts: Gio’s monthly broadcasts are high contrast assemblages that move at a slow pace.


  • Kanye West feat. The Weeknd 
  • Oto Hiax 
  • Colin Newman 
    Alone On Piano
  • Aki Onda 
    Bruise & Bite
  • Jim O'Rourke 
    Zurich Two
  • André Vida 
    Wicking For 23
  • St. Julien 
  • Ursula Bogner 
  • Tiruray Ethnic Group
    Suling (Bamboo Flute)
  • ~ Steve Roden
    Guest Mix (0:35 - 2:00) ~
  • Jamie xx 
    Just Saying
  • Nazif Celaj, Nikolin Likaj, Arap Celoleskaj, Fatbardha Brahimin
    Janines C'i Pane Syte
  • Mick Turner
    Pt. VIII
  • Aki Takahashi, John Cage 
    Music For Marcel Duchamp
  • Gerhard Ruhm
    Lautgendichte: Gebet
  • Alps
    Jewelt Galaxies/Spirit Shambles
  • Various
    Oracion De Las Almas
  • Marc Bolan & T
    Rex - Wha Do I See
  • Loren Chasse
    For Dana -Scarcity Pt. 2
  • Various
    Indonesia: Smithsonian Folkways
  • The Keeper Of Sheep
    Poor Flowers
  • Cluster, Eno 
    Schöne Hände
  • Abdel Samad 
    Le Coran Cheikh: Sourat Yassine
  • David Lee Jr. 
    Second Line March
  • Alexander Scrabian
    Prelude D Flat Major, Op. 11, No. 15
  • Various
  • Guided By Voices 
    My Son, My Secretary And My Country
  • Various
    Llazore - Ritual Song
  • Third Ear Band 
    The Banquet
  • Bibio
    Bweley In Grey
  • Federico Mompou, Herbert Henck 
    Música Callada
  • Can Am Des Piug
  • Ainu Japan
    Ainu Ayoro Kotan
  • Qluster 
    Zweites Kapitel
  • Fridge 
  • Bruce Langhorne 
    Dead Girl
  • Patsy, Linnie Hibbert (Vipes), Lyn Tate & The Jets 
    The Retreat Song Jikele Maweni
  • Durutti Column 
    Games Of Rhythm
  • Anonymous
    Sri Sooktham
  • MUM 
    Behind Two Hills,,,,A Swimmingpool
  • Alva Noto 
    Interim (For Dieter Rams)
  • Harry Gibbons
    Imitations Of Walrus
  • George Harrison 
    Singing Om
  • Bellows
    Track 7
  • Musicians Of The Highlands Of Chiapas, Mexico, Navidad
    Mitontik, Bolom Chon (Jaguar Song) (Tzotzil)
  • Orior 
  • Behnam Manahedji
    Track 9
  • Eno 
    Another Green World
  • Arthur Lee
    Signed D.C. (Demo 1966)
  • Stephan Mathieu, Ekkehard Ehlers 
  • Solo Male Voice
    War Song
  • Boris 
    The Meddle Of Stairs
  • Eyeless In Gaza 
    Sea Bed #2
  • Search Party
  • Rain Tree Crow
    Boat’s For Burning
  • Geir Jenssen 
    Camp 1.5 – Mountain Upon Mountain
  • Cluster, Eno 
    Mit Simaen
  • Jefre Cantu
    Ledesma - Along The Isar!
  • Masaki Batoh 
  • Gurdjieff, de Hartmann, Alain Kremski 
    Chnat Du Vendredi Saint / Hymn For Good Friday
  • Parks