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Slime w/ Bell Towers & Little

Melbourne, 24.02.15

With Bell-Towers

Slime comes sticky and green, heady ambient custard. Tracks linger like ectoplasm, put it on when you’re nodding off every other Monday evening, and see what you dream up.


  • Mother F 
    Welcome Aboard
  • IMS
    405 Nord
  • Mœbius, Plank 
    Solar Plexus
  • Bright Entity 
    El Pauji
  • Kito Jempere (HNNY mix) 
    Typewriter (HNNY Remix)
  • George Aaron 
    Silly Reason
  • Roberto Iodola
    Marimba Do Mar
  • Ash Ra Temple
    The Fairy Dance
  • Wim Mertens
    A Visiting Care
  • Gert Thrue
    I Sing The Body Electric0
  • Adonis 
    Lost In The Sound (Can't Stop My Fingers Mix)
  • Palmbomen II 
    Mary Louise Lefante
  • Kernel Kovacs
    Studio Barnhus
  • New Musik 
    The Planet Doesn't Mind
  • Jjean Michel Jarre
  • Karaoke Band
  • Kraftwerk 
  • Brian Eno 
    Through Hollow Lands (For Harold Budd)
  • Levon Vincent 
    Phantom Power
  • No Zu 
    Medusa Beat
  • Michel Chion 
    Lux Aeterna
  • Phantom Band 
    Weird Love