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SMERZ w/ Nis Bysted

Copenhagen, 23.10.23

With Smerz

Henriette and Catharina of Smerz take over the NTS airwaves once a month with a selection of classical, folk, ambient, pop and more.


  • Never-Never
  • Joanne Robertson, Oliver Coates
  • Molina
    The Road From Here
  • Puyain Sanati
    Ldn Residency
  • Excepter
    Christiesland (Excerpt)
  • MIja Milovic
    Resting Mind Part 2
  • Thulebasen
    Gate 5 (Excerpt)
  • Snuggle
  • Kool Music
    What If
  • CTM
    Drama (Excerpt)
  • Astrid Sonne
    Staying here
  • Angel Wei
    Nongfu Spring
  • Dean Blunt Feat. Elias Rønnenfelt
    Smile Please
  • Liss 
    My Lovin'
  • Smerz 
  • Varnrable, Choir of Young Believers
    Design I Could Not Love
  • August Rosenbaum
    8:00 am (in the shadow is the view of the crowd)
  • Marie Eline
    Work-Related Acquaintances
  • Motivational Quotes
    Night Breeze
  • Haloplus+
    Spring Summer Vox Fall Edition
  • Fine
    Adore You
  • Baby In Vain
    Got It In You (Excerpt)
  • First Hate
    The One (Excerpt)