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SNO w/ Fakazile

Manchester, 09.08.22

Fakazile is a South African, Johannesburg-based vocalist and songwriter, whose sound takes one on a delicate yet uncomplicated soul-easing journey. Her natural crooning vocal style effortlessly blends gentle harmonies with afro-spiritual chants. Her eclectic musical style is an infusion of South African folk music, jazz, neo-soul, and hip-hop; playfully experimented with alongside diverse collaborators. The show features music created with Ash K, Bongani GiveThanks, Tinofireyi Zhou, RNDU, Mag’Oveni and the legendary Zulu guitarist, Bab’ Madala Kunene.


  • Dr. Maya Angelou
    I Am Human
  • Fakazile
    Abantwana Bakho Feat. Ash K
  • Niklas Frank
    The Futility Of War
  • Fakazile
    Babhemu (Busi Mhlongo Re
  • Fakazile
  • Bonga Masina
    Thank You
  • Fakazile
    Sponono (The Mother)
  • Tyler Laurent
    Most Of This Life
  • Fakazile
    Bilankulu Flight
  • The Freedom Affair feat. Dr. Maya Angelou 
    Love Liberates
  • Fakazile
    Wena (Give Thanks' Touch)
  • Fakazile
  • Fakazile
    Umhambi Landing
  • Fakazile
    Wena Feat. Madala Kunene
  • Fakazile
    Abantwana Bakho/ Trinity Feat. Tinofireyi Zhou
  • R+R=NOW feat. Amber Navran 
    Been On My Mind
  • Fakazile
    Play Feat. RNDU
  • Fakazile
    IThemba Feat. Mag'Oveni