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Sofie K w/ Tañ

Manchester, 13.09.20

Sofie K joins us for an hour of Italo, cosmic, classic disco and other worldly oddities.

Artwork by Dee Dixon


  • Yushh
    Intense Leg Connection
  • Молчат Дома, Molchat Doma 
  • Viers 
  • Zaltsman
    Take The Man
  • Cooke
    Shoreditch Satisfaction
  • Anz 
    Loos In Twos (NRG)
  • Chungo
    Duvrow Hill
  • Sputnik One
    Country Living
  • Chapel
    Signal Back
  • M.I.K.
    Ice Rink (Kālī Bootleg)
  • Hooverian Blur 
  • PJ Bridger 
    Run Di Record (Amen Mix)
  • DJ Crisps
    Soundboii Selecta
  • Matt Craig & Paul Sirrell
    Lets Get Down
  • Sam Bassline
    Over Step
  • Mariah Carey
    MC Breakdown Final (BAE BAE Edit)
  • Moodrich
    Ghetto Life
  • Angel D'lite
    CRYSTALZ (Bandcamp Exclusive)
  • Volruptus 
  • Cookiee Kawaii
    Vibe (If I Back It Up)