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Sonika - Eulogy

New York, 15.12.20

NY-based artist & DJ Sonika Misra shares a collection of sounds & music closest to her heart- from Indian classical and saharan blues, to free jazz, and hip-hop.


  • CKtrl 
    will the feelings leave
  • Dr. Yen Lo 
    Day 110
  • Klein
  • Julius Eastman 
    Joy Boy
  • Lotic 
    Love & Light
  • Alice Coltrane 
    Spring Rounds From Rite Of Spring
  • Black's Myths
    Blue Chain (Feat. Moor Mother & Jamaal Moore)
  • Oumou Sangaré 
    Saa Magni
  • Yves Tumor 
    Ayxita, Wake Up
  • Klein
    Act One (Feat. Embaci & Jacob Samuel)
  • Fatima Al Qadiri 
    Suñu Khalis
  • KA feat. Roc Marci 
    Sins of the Father
  • Excerpt From “Rain” (Nyesha)
    An LA Rebellion Film Dir. Melvona Ballenger
  • Mike 
  • Actress X London Contemporary Orchestra
  • Slauson Malone 
    The Wake Pt. 3 & 2 (see page 87, 58, and 48)
  • Moor Mother 
    Forever Industries A