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Sounds Of The Dawn

Detroit, 06.11.21

Sounds of the Dawn is a monthly two hour session through new age, ambient, environmental, meditation and relaxation cassettes from the seventies to the nineties. Tune in and zone out.


  • Aeoliah 
    The Light Of Tao
  • Andy Portman
    Vision Of Forever
  • Chr.Bühner, H.Schröder 
  • Bernard Xolotl
    Music By Xolotl
  • Grant MacKay
    Visions Of Unity
  • Creative Source
    Eden's Gate
  • David & Steve Gordon
    Misty Forest Morning
  • Daniel Berthiaume 
    L'Orée Des Bois I
  • Jean-Marc Staehlé 
    Dimension Lumière
  • Sounds Of Nature
    Singing Birds
  • Barbara Richards
  • Pharista 
    The Silent Waves
  • Nicholas Dodd 
    Tree Fairies
  • Pete Ardron 
  • Dream Waves
    Trystaline Skyway