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Steve Albini w/ Robert Rolfe Feddersen

Chicago, 10.05.23

Chicago recording engineer, producer and boss of Electrical Audio Steve Albini brings his singular musical viewpoint to NTS, alongside a host of friends and collaborators, sharing music and sitting down for a series of interviews.

This episode sees Steve joined by ex-thrash metaller and DIY touring artist Robert Rolfe Feddersen, to chat about his storied life in music.


  • Scratch Acid 
    She Said
  • The Big Boys
    We Got Soul
  • Glass Eye 
    Dimsey Naish
  • Third World War
    I’d Rather Cut Cane For Castro
  • The Count Bishops 
    Train, Train
  • Shock Headed Peters 
    I, Bloodbrother Be
  • Loudmouth 
    Not Free
  • Metalhead
    Win Or Die Trying
  • Robert Rolfe Feddersen
    Ralph Garr ‘78
  • Motherfucker