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Straight Honey

Los Angeles, 12.08.21

Straight Honey is raw, unfiltered, and naturally crystallized Jazz & soulful R&B. Pour, stir, and sip, while you sink into her rich grooves…of tomorrow & yesterday.


  • Peyton
    Vicky's Interlude
  • Coco O. 
  • Demae 
    Seasons Change
  • Justice Der
    Devil In A New Dress
  • Harriet Brown
    Oops! There Goes My 20s
  • Coco O. 
  • Jonny Nash 
    Exit Four
  • You'll Never Get To Heaven 
    By This River
  • The Zenmenn feat. John Moods 
    Homage To A Friendship
  • John Moods 
    All You Gotta Do Is Wait
  • Sunset Rollercoaster
    Passerby (Feat. Michael Seyer)
  • Michael Franks 
    I Don't Know Why I'm So Happy I'm Sad
  • Motoi
    Where Do You And I Begin
  • The Zenmenn 
    Topaz (The Days Of Our Lives)
  • Harriet Brown 
    In My Head