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Subject To Change w/ Timmhotep - Fall Matters

New York, 28.09.21

As autumn arrives in the global north, Timmhotep explores the many moods and memories of the season through song and speech.


  • Bilal 
    All Matter
  • Milton Nascimento 
  • Little Simz 
    Miss Understood
  • Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Kelsey Lu
    Ever New Kelsey Lu’s Transportation
  • Jamael Dean
  • The Undisputed Truth 
    Down By The River
  • Injury Reserve 
  • Chynna
    Seasonal Depression Pt. 2
  • Dorothy Ashby 
    Heaven And Hell
  • Zion I 
    So Tall
  • Mumu Fresh, D Smoke
    North Star
  • Moor Mother Nappy Nina, Maasai, Antonia Gabriela
    Made A Circles