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SUE ZUKI w/ Helena Celle

Outer Hebrides, 03.02.21

With Sue Zuki

SUE ZUKI, half of Ladies As Pimps, takes over the NTS airwaves once a month for a rhythm 'n' gloom showdown.

Sandwiched between a selection of disarming new music straight from the comforting embrace of Bristol’s finest Avon Terror Corps crew & sonic angels Cold Light is a mix of album originals and reimagined edits from Helena Celle’s Imaginal Design's new album “Copy Music”. You can find the album in its entirety here.


  • Coldron
    Live At The Laundromat Intro
    Hallo Weed
  • Unknown
  • Helena Celle’s Imaginal Designs Mix
    Both Original & Reimagined Tracks
  • Princess Difficult 
    Symphony Of Emotions
  • Unknown
  • Nkisi 
    The Truth is Elsewhere
  • Unknown