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The Synth Hero Show w/ Clint Mansell

London, 07.03.16

With Clint Mansell

An ode to synthesis from the latest and greatest. From 2011 to 2019, Tim Noakes invited guest Synth Heroes to select an hour of their formative electronic music influences. Listen back to the NTS show archive here. Also check out to discover artist track notes and exclusive mixes from legendary synthesists like Suzanne Ciani, Clint Mansell, New Order, Throbbing Gristle, Orbital, Vince Clarke, John Maus and many more.


  • Lux Aeterna
    Clint Mansell
  • Scanners Main Title
    Howard Shore
  • Videodrome 801 AB
    Howard Shore
  • The Fog Rolls In
    The Fog John Carpenter
  • Solaris Track 1
    Edward Artemiev
  • Vangelis
  • End Credits
    Unknown Mix UNKLE
  • Tangerine Dream One For The Books
    Miracle Mile
  • Gil Melle Desert Trip
    The Andromeda Strain
  • Precinct 9 District 13
    Julie John Carpenter Assault On Precinct 13
  • Four Inventions For Radio
    The Afterlife Delia Derbyshire
  • Solaris Track 6
    Edward Artemiev
  • Leaving Earth
    Clint Mansell Mass Effect
  • Is That What Everybody Wants?
    Cliff Martinez Solaris UNKLE Reconstruction
  • Street Thunder Assault On Pct 13
  • Tyrell
    Hoodlum Priest
  • 1983 Main Theme Beyond The Black Rainbow
    Sinoia Caves
    Helmet Theme
  • Chernobyl Blanck Mass
    A Field In England
  • Renegade Soundwave
    Blast ‘Em Out/Phantasm
  • Kolchak
    The Night Stalker
  • Benson Arizona
    Dark Star