Terrible Records

Los Angeles, 13.11.19

Terrible Records, home of Miya Folick, Empress Of, Kirin J Callinan and more - now based in LA will be hopping onto NTS 2 once a month for two hours to share what's shaping the future for them along with special guests.


  • Petey
    Apple Tv Remote
  • George Clanton, Nick Hexum
    King for a Day
  • Orchin
    My Wish
  • Jack Ladder
  • The Reels
    This Guy's In Love
  • Billy Uomo
    Another Moment (That Hurt More Than Any Moment)
  • Electronic
    Getting Away With It (Full Length Version)
  • Parallelephants
    Reason Don't Define
  • Toro Y Moi feat. Elijah Kessler
  • Frank Ocean
    In My Room
  • Porches
  • Glen Porter
    Hands Without Eyes
  • Bedhead
  • Cryogeyser
  • Mount Eerie, Julie Dorion
    Belief Part 2
  • Alcest
  • Have A Nice Life
    Sea Of Worry
  • Nation Of Ulysses
    A Kid Who Tells On Another Kid Is A Dead Kid
  • Clutch
    Spacegrass (Edit)
  • Kirin J Callinan
    The Homosexual
  • Ritt Momney
    (If) The Book Doesn't Sell
  • Mike Oldfield
    In High Places
  • Liam Benzvi
    The Morning
  • Daft Punk
    Digital Love (Radio Edit)
  • Cocteau Twins
    Why Do You Love Me?
  • Gigi Masin
    Call Me
  • David Lynch
    Cold Wind Blowin'
  • Bill Fay
    I Hear You Calling
  • Neil Young With Crazy Horse
    Help Me Lose My Mind
  • Galaxie 500
    When Will You Come Home (Peel Sessions)

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