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London, 01.08.20

With Apiento

Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Balearic Test Pressing blog, has had releases on Leng, Claremont56, World Unknown and more. His show has that wonky poolside disco thing going on, some deep techno and whatever suits the mood…


  • Doma Omma
    Flute Of Seagulls (Antinote)
  • Karel Arbus, Eiji Takamatsu 
    Coco And The Fish
  • Templefeld By Kirk Degiorgio
    Vertical Life (Unknown)
  • Eden Burns
    Organ Torque (Unknown)
  • Secret Circuit
    Under Mi Yard (Public Possession)
  • The Indoor Gardener
    Golden Pothos (Invisible Inc)
    ASSEMBLY (White)
  • Arche & Pigeon Steve
    Lizzy (Unreleased)
  • Black Dog 
    Indian Summer
  • Telephones 
    Genesis (Swell 1019 Mix)
  • Black Dog 
    Indian Summer
  • Ludwig Rorscheid
    Weightless (XIN004)
  • Dazion
    Yu Go Bah (Dazion)
  • Afrikan Sciences 
    Have It All
    A1 (Unknown)
  • Going Good
    The Machine's Frequency Memory (Going Good)
  • Sano X Siwo
    Agora (Public Possession)
  • Cantoma, Luna Asteri (Apiento mix) 
    Closer (Apiento Remix)
  • Jonny Rock
    Hippe Jam (White)
  • Israel Vibration feat. The Roots Radics 
    Rudeboy Shufflin (Mad Mad Dub)
  • The Indoor Gardnener
    Lucky Bamboo (Invisible Inc)
  • Fifth Of Heaven 
    Just A Little More
  • Apiento
    5AM Swim (Public Possession)