Live now

Test Pressing

London, 22.01.17

With Apiento

Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Test Pressing blog and releases music on World Building, World Unknown and more. His show has that esoteric techno thing and whatever suits the mood…


  • Riuichi Sakamoto, Robin Scott 
    Once In A Lifetime
  • King Clyde 
    Request Line
  • Lantoma
    Talva Lumi (Apiento & LX Remix
  • Hove 
    Portes Du Soleil
  • Volt
    Face - Vol Direk (Kejeblos Remix)
  • Dazion 
    Dancing In The Future (Vocal)
  • Claude Rodap 
  • SPCE (Timeman mix) 
    The Bridge (Timeman's Dance Mix)
  • Beneked
  • Earth Trax 
    L'Avventura (Dub)
  • Hi & Saberhaagen
    Good Deeds
  • Modaji 
    Belle Epoque (Ambience)
  • Freux 
  • The Outer Limit
    Dance In A Daze
  • Jungle Wonz 
    Time Marches On (Club)
  • Konk 
    Your Life
  • Orange Tree Edits
    Fo Ya (Jimmy Rouge Edit)
  • Dazion 
    Be A Man
  • Tony V
    African Dance
  • O'Flynn 
    Glow Worm
  • Mr. Fingers 
    Outer Acid
  • Fantastic Man 
    Trance Sexual
  • Samo DJ, Pedrodollar 
    Track 1
  • Young Wolf 
    Kabuki - Spiritual Version
  • Octave One 
  • Massive Attack 
  • Charlotte
    Senegal Seduction
  • Nairobi Sisters 
    Promised Land Dub
  • The Scientist
    De Materialise
  • Krakatau 
    Tharsis Montes