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The NTS Breakfast Show w/ Flo

London, 23.05.23

With Flo Dill

Breakfast, in Flo motion - served by Flo Dill, every Monday to Wednesday.

This week's dedication: I’m Living Good (Feat. Louis Williams) by The Ovations, for Catherine from Martha. To submit your dedication for the Tuesday show, email with your selection & 'DEDICATION' in the subject line.


  • Slauson Malone feat. Pink Siifu 
    Off Me! “The Wake” Pt. 1 & 2
  • Sade 
    Wrong Dub
  • Robert Emanuel 
    Girl (I Love You)
  • Zack Fox
    only thing on my mind
  • Lytie 
    I Want You
  • Kimiko Kasai, Herbie Hancock 
    Tell Me A Bedtime Story
  • Archie Valentine
  • Zack Fox & Diamond Cafe
    Holdin’ On
  • Thunder Cat
    Them Changes
  • Spanner Banner 
    Missing Person Bureau
  • Peven Everett 
    Testin Me
  • Triple C
    World Of The Wicked
  • Unit 2 
    Risin' To The Top (Cool Breeze Mix)
  • Shuggie Otis 
    If You'd Be Mine
  • Zack Fox
    Can’t Fight The Devil
  • Jai Paul
    Sunshine (Unfinished)
  • Ahwlee 
  • Nicolay 
    Indian Summer
    Tragic (Freestyle)
  • Tashan 
    Read My Mind
  • The Belle Stars (Brian Tench mix) 
    Indian Summer
  • Climax Band
    My Love
  • Loose Ends 
    Love's Got Me
  • Soul Family Sensation 
    I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby
  • Dazzle (Garry Hughes mix) 
    Dazzle You (Haul & Pull Up Mix)
  • Mary Pearce 
    Love Away
  • Julan Jolan
    Jealousy And Lies
  • The Oviations, Dan Penn, Lindon Oldham
    I’m Living Good (Feat. Louis Williams)