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THE POÆTRY SHOW w/ James Massiah

London, 23.10.21

James Massiah pays homage to poets and orators - both the well-known and the unrecognised, married harmoniously with heartfelt soundtracks.


  • Ms. Carrie Stacks
    Abondance Forever And Ever Amen
  • Dinmarca
  • Wayne Smith
  • Wayne Smith
    Wafer Scale Integration
  • Aphex Twin
    Marchromta30A Edit 2B 96
  • Jam City 
    Climb Back Down
  • Exposure (Exposure mix) 
    Love Quest (Exposure Version)
  • This Side Up 
    Love Starts With An L
  • Forgemasters 
    Track With No Name
  • Nightmares On Wax 
  • Nightmares On Wax 
    Coming Down
  • Lágbájá! 
    Konko Below