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The Slip

London, 06.12.21

Rory Bowens heads The Slip one Monday a month, squeezing an hour of Balearic-tinged new wave, hazy dub off-shoots, pupil-dilating shoegaze and uncanny dream music.


  • John T. Gast
    Track 9 From Invocations III (The Obelisk Of Tj/ Age Of Apathy Tape)
  • Tara Clerkin Trio 
    In Spring
  • Anthony Naples 
    Devotion (SSL Mix)
  • Jabu
    Paper Thin Version
  • Lightr Kru
    Same Ol’ L.O.V.E.
  • Weyes Blood 
    Generation Why
  • Lloydie Crucial The Concrete Junglist
    Stroke You Up
  • Rider Shafique 
    When Will We Learn
  • CV Vision 
    At The Beach II (Sophie's Sunset)
  • Astrid Øster Mortensen 
    Har Ondt I Halsen Og Går Til Biblioteket For Att Låne En Bog
  • The Euphoria Case 
  • Pantene 
    Just Business
  • Melanie Charles 
    Be On My Side
  • Rat Heart Ensemble
  • Gyeongsu
  • Doss 
  • Duval Timothy And Rosie Lowe
    Gonna Be