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Bristol, 01.06.20

A Bristol selector on the up, Tilly brings new wave, new beat and danceable dark wave sounds to the London studio every month.


  • Teddy Wants A Glass Of Water 
    The Night Of The Two Full Moons
  • Modern Art 
    Pastel Sunrise
  • Ironing Music
    Don’t Wish It Away
  • The Students 
    Ocean Lifestyle
  • Die Weltraumforscher
    This Could Be The Greatest
  • 22 Beaches 
  • Laraaji 
    Cosmic Joe
  • New Musik 
  • Ghia 
    Keep Your House In Disorder
  • ???
  • Laura Miller
    Love Is A Natural Magic Thing
  • She Male 
    I Wanna Discover You (Vocal)
  • Dhuo (Mark Kamins mix) 
    Walkin' (Dub Version)