London, 17.06.19

Hailing from Iceland, Tommasi explores the relationships between the warm and the cold. A transcriber of Library Music, he weaves in between rare grooves and stimulating ambient sounds…


  • Francis Coppieters
    Beach Pearls
  • 服部克久
  • General Lee And The Space Army Band
    We Did It Baby
  • E Rodney Jones & Friends
    Soul Heaven
  • Myrna Hague
    What About Me
  • Michael Soward
    What Are You Gonna Do
  • Sylvia
    Next Time That I See You
  • Gulden Caraboceck
    Nem Kaldi
  • Burt Bacharach
    Walk On By
  • Lenny Dee
    Feel Like Makin' Love
  • Hailu Mergia
  • Phuong Dai
    Mac Cam
  • Osmar Milito
    Mulher Rendeira
  • Reflections Of Time, Padro
    This Old House
  • Geoff Bastow
    Beautiful People
  • Kiki Maria
    Bayang Bayang Jingga

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