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Damon Eliza Palermo Presents: Inner Realm

Los Angeles, 24.05.19

With Damon Eliza Palermo

Damon Eliza Palermo's "Inner Realm" explores ambient, new age, krautrock & all things out with occasional guests broadcasted live from NTS Los Angeles.


  • Smackos 
    We Can Watch Alf In The Hotel Room
  • Yu Su 
    Of Yesterday (instrumental)
  • Ben Watt 
    Some Things Don’t Matter
  • MJ Lallo 
    UR Dreaming In Slow Motion
  • The Nile Project, Wolf Muller
    Southern Voice (Feat Adel Mekha)
  • Free Level 
  • Sage Caswell 
    Way Out West
  • Roza Terenzi 
  • 4023
  • Damon Eliza Palermo feat. Earthen Sea 
    Beacon Of Maracaibo
  • Ital 
    Resonant Chamber